guided bike visits of Tours

licensed tour guide


Everyday at 9 am (booking is required)
29 €
Duration: 90 minutes
Included: city bike provided by Rouelib, helmet
Distance: 5.5 km
Départure: Rouelib, 55 rue Bernard Palissy,     37 000 Tours

This flat and easy ride is for everybody. As a licensed tour guide, I will bring all my knowledge and 20 years experience to show you the essential and most beautiful of Tours (once capital city of the kingdom), its river banks, bridges, Medieval and Renaissance  neighbourhoods.
After we meet, we shall try and adjust the bikes. We then shall go on for a few hundreds of yards and stop for you to hear my speech, and so forth. 

I hope you will fall under the spell of our majestic and wild river Loire and hope that you will see why our kings chose Tours and the Loire Valley to build here so many castles.

I shall not forget to give out my food tips, cooking and eating being, along with sports, my passion.

rue nationale pour vélos, piétons et tram
rue nationale, pour piétons, vélos et tram
place plumereau
piste cyclable bords de Loire
Tours et Jeanne d'Arc
palais Renaissance



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